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Web Designer and Things to know

What is web design? What jobs will web designers do?

The web designer is responsible for creating the primitive version of a website (visual). After the editing and finishing process, the complete design will be passed on to web developers for coding HTML, coding web scripts, or other general coding finishes. Both web designers and web developers work for a single common purpose – creating a website or web application that attracts users.

In other words, web design is the face of a website and web developers are the activities of specific functions of a web.

For example:

In a food order website, web design is the face of the website that makes customers look at and know immediately what this web is? it’s beautiful? Is it eye-catching? it helps users have a sense of visual. As for the develop web, we can perform functions such as ordering food, viewing the details of the food we want to eat or want to order.

User Interface (UI) designer:

UI helps improve the way users interact with visual elements on your website, especially the web interface. This is done by turning complex branding core ideas and values into an interesting and easy-to-navigate website. So how is UI design different from UX design? UX design involves research that builds a solid foundation for a positive user experience, while UI design focuses on the aesthetics (appearance) of the website in practice.

User Experience (UX) designer:

The UX designer is responsible for building user perception. Their job is to keep the number of website visitors maintained. UX designers start any project with the first step of researching the user demographics and website needs, so they know exactly how to create a website that your specific audience will be. prefer. The more you grasp the psychology of users, the more web designers are more likely to attract more traffic, improve time on the page and encourage users to make purchases and provide information on the page.

Visual designer:

A visual designer is a mixture of both UX and UI designer. Their job is not only to improve user behavior by using their creative and coding skills, but also to solve art design problems. The visual designer also helps a brand shape a brand’s style or build unique “communication” ways. In essence, they are a master of all web design professions and their specific roles can vary greatly depending on what you want.

Common software on a web designer’s computer:

The purpose of people working in this position is to create web pages with a clean interface, aesthetically pleasing and easy for users to navigate and use no matter what device they use to access, from a machine personalization up to the smaller screens of mobile devices. To do this, web designers must be proficient in using design software in general and web design in particular, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or sketch, Adobe XD.

Necessary skills of a web designer:

Web design work focuses mainly on front-end elements, or in other words, the factors related to the “look and feel” of a website. This design work requires always considering the user’s feelings and obviously the skill of graphic design (graphic design) proficient. Web designers need to be agile in combining color palettes, typography and other design elements properly to create quality products including the layout / format of website, brand logo, wireframe, mock-up and story-board, …


These are essential to understanding web designers and can help you know what you need, what and what you lack to be a web designer. Good luck.

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