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What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence (AI) is an industry in the field of computer science (Computer science). A human programmed intelligence with the aim of helping computers automate intelligent behaviors like humans.


Artificial intelligence differs from programming logic in programming languages ​​by applying machine learning systems to simulate human intelligence in the processes that humans do better than computers.

Specifically, artificial intelligence helps computers acquire human intelligence such as: thinking and reasoning to solve problems, communicating by understanding language, speech, learning and adapting…

Although artificial intelligence has the same broad meaning as intelligence in science fiction, it is one of the key disciplines of informatics. Artificial intelligence is related to the behavior, learning, and adaptability of machines.


How many types of AI are there?

AI technology is divided into four main categories:

Type 1: Reactive AI technology.

Reactive AI technology is capable of analyzing the most possible moves of itself and of the opponent, thereby, offering the best solution.

A prime example of reactive AI technology is Deep Blue. This is an automated chess game program, created by IBM, with the ability to identify moves and predict the opponent’s next move. Through it, Deep Blue makes the most appropriate moves.

Type 2: AI technology with limited memory

A characteristic of AI technology with limited memory is the ability to use past experiences to make decisions in the future. This AI technology is often combined with ambient sensors to predict the possible circumstances and make the best decision for the device.

For example, in unmanned vehicles, many sensors are equipped around the vehicle and at the top of the vehicle to calculate the distance with the vehicles in front, AI technology will predict the possibility of a collision, thereby adjust vehicle speed to keep the vehicle safe.

Type 3: Artificial intelligence theory

This AI technology can learn and think for itself, then apply what it learns to do a specific thing. Currently, this AI technology has not yet become a viable option.

Type 4: Self-awareness

This AI technology has the ability to self-sense, consciously and behave like humans. They can even express emotions as well as understand human emotions. This is considered the highest development step of AI technology and up to now, this technology is not yet feasible.

In a nutshell it is easy to understand: that is the intelligence of a machine created by man. This intelligence can think, think, learn, … like human intelligence. Processing data at a larger, more scale, systematic, scientific and faster level than human.

Many famous technology companies have ambitions to create AI (artificial intelligence) because their value is extremely large, solving a lot of human problems that humans are not yet solving.

Artificial intelligence brings a lot of value to human life, but also has hidden dangers. Many experts worry that when artificial intelligence reaches a certain level of evolution, it will also be the time of human end. Many films have exploited this subject with many perspectives, but through it all want to warn humans about this special danger.


It is forecast that in the next 5 to 10 years, this science will grow to a peak. Let’s wait for the latest achievements of mankind in this field.

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